I have always had two passions, writing and mathematics. I took up Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Mathematics and worked as member of the faculty at the University of the Philippines for five years. A few years ago, I resigned my teaching post to pursue a writing career. I now currently hold a three-tier job at Game Services Group, Inc. – I’m a creative / technical writer, mathematical analyst and academic consultant. The mixture of glamor and chaos of the Makati Central Business District, where my office is, gives me the inspiration to continue writing for myself despite being busy.


Directory of Blogs:

http://youngeririsorpi.multiply.com – year 2000 to 2003

http://irisorpi.blog.friendster.com/ – year 2003 to 2006

http://irisorpi.multiply.com – year 2006 to 2008

http://irisoniris.wordpress.com – year 2008 to 2010

http://irisisms.wordpress.com – year 2010

https://irismeetsworld.wordpress.com – year 2011 onwards

All of the entries in all the above websites are linked and arranged according to genre, topic and chronology in http://irisorpi.wordpress.com.  There’s also an exhaustive autobiography in there.

Iris Orprecio a.k.a. Iris Orpi


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